Book Update

The book took a lot longer to write than anticipated. The new target is June 2024. The book is abut the 1886 murder of David Corker in Lafayette, Oregon, and the investigation, trial, and hanging of his murderer. There are actually two parts of the book. The last section is about the history of the two cemeteries in Lafayette, the efforts being made to make restorations after vandalism at the Masonic Cemetery #3 and after some neglect at the Pioneer Cemetery. They have erected a new gate and are making progress on restoring markers. There are also a couple of stories from the cemeteries.

The proceeds of the book will benefit the Yamhill Historical Society in McMinnville, Oregon, in it’s efforts at the Pioneer Cemetery.  Some of those funds will also benefit the Masonic Cemetery which is still recovering from vandalism in 2020 when many of its large monuments were topped and markers broken.