Thoughts on History

History is filled with unknowns and is often interpreted based on perspective. It is  revised as new clues and facts are uncovered. Yet, many times what has been lost can never  be recovered and we are at the mercy of speculation based on minimal existing information that often leads to uncertain and imagined scenarios.  Stories enlighten the time periods in which they developed. I cannot imagine keeping a “pee pot” under my bed, however, for the pioneers this was common to avoid the dangers of going to the outhouse at night. Their ideologies were so different from ours that if we went back to 1850, we would be aliens on an unknown planet. 

Deeply instilled in many of us is the desire to understand where we came from. In Oregon, many walked, rode horses, and lived in wagon trains as they made their way west to a whole new world. The hardships these people faced on the trails, their determination to reach new lands, is a testament to Oregon’s people. To preserve the stories, legends and folklore surrounding these brave men and women, is to preserve our own future wherein we become the pioneers. As one generation falls, another takes its place. One day the stories being told will be our own.

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