Cyrene and Miles Cary

Cyrene and Miles Cary

Cyrene Taylor Cary

Cyrene (Syrene) Taylor Cary
Cyrene (Syrene) Taylor Cary 1815-1911

Cyrene Taylor was born in Richmond City Virginia in 1815. Her Father was William B. Taylor B. 1784 D. 1823. Her Mother Lucy Perkins, was born in 1791 at Powhatan, VA  and died in Missouri in 1848. Cyrene married Miles Cary on August 18th 1831 at Christian, Kentucky.  She died in 1911 at the age of 96 and is buried at Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery.

There is some confusion in many of the records due there being three women named Cyrene. They are often confused in some written records. The daughter of Cyrene Taylor Cary, Cyrene B. Cary, was born in 1849 and died in 1865 at the age of 16. Cyrene B’s sister, Lucy Cary Hembree had a daughter she named Cyrene Ann Hembree, who later became Cyrene A. Hembree Bird. Cyrene A. Hembree was raised by her grandmother and her Aunt Maryette. 

Another confusing item is a document I pulled from that lists a Parthenia Turner as a child of Cyrene. In the Toal book, Cyren’s sister is listed as “priscilla. I think this may have been mis labeled in the records Mrs. Toal researched as the card I found on ancestry is handwritten by Cyrene Cary. It is most likely that Priscilla is actually Parthenia. On the same card, Cyrene has listed a “Robert” b. 1854. Cyrene and Miles did have a son named Robert, howevr, he died in 1839 before they began their journey west. The Robert mentioned here is most likely, Robert Hussey.  More can be found in the Robert Hussey story.

Miles Cary
Miles Cary

The Children

Miles Rand Cary 1843-1872

Miles Rand Cary, the eldest son of Miles and Cyrene Cary, was born in Missouri on January 2nd, 1843. Miles would have been approximately 6 months old when the family left for the Oregon trail. Miles was never married and died at the age of 29 in Yamhill, CO. He is buried at the Lafayette Masonic Cemetery.

Cyrene B. Cary

Cyrene B. Cary died at the age of 16 and is buried in Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. 

Maryetta Cary

Lucy Cary Hembree

Lucy Married Joel Hembree whose family came across from Missouri on the same wagon trail. They had one daughter Cyrene Ann Hembree (Bird). Lucy died  at the age of 25, shortly after the birth of her daughter and is buried at Lafayette Masonic Cemetery. Cyrene Ann Hembree, according to research conducted by Kolene Williams, was raised by Cyrene T. Cary and her Aunt Maryette Cary. She married into the Bird family.