The Murder of David Corker

A couple of years ago, here on the website, we published the story of David Corker, who was brutally murdered in 1886, at Lafayette, Oregon. The editing was absolutely awful, as I am my own worst editor. We took it down from the website, and decided to write a book about the murder. We have been working on it since September of 2023 and hope to have it completed no later than March of 2024.  The story is good, especially if you enjoy true crime and ghostly legends. David Corker was murdered in 1886, so it took a lot of time to find the pieces of the puzzle. Stories from that period can be difficult to trace if you are looking for facts. In some parts of the book, we have speculated on activities and individual personality traits that were noted in transcripts and news accounts. Having some of the actual testimony from the murderer helped to understand aspects of his personality.  Some of the things we found were quite unexpected and we tried to present them accurately, while still injecting supposition that seemed most reasonable to the behavior of the person.  To be published in June of 2024.  The Murder of David Corker and the Lafayette Witch: The Witch That Never Was. 



David Corker. Original Coroner’s Report filed November 12, 1886