Letter to Followers 2/1/24

Dear Readers and Followers,

Crossroads and Tombstones is a project I have worked on over the past few years. I have been slowly but surely moving forward to develop ideas that will make it something valuable to those that want to see history preserved. As the first step, I am currently writing, along with a few wonderful folks who have volunteered to do editing, the Corker book which details the facts around the 1886 murder of David Irwin Corker. The book should be finished in march of 2024. We are in the 4th draft as of this writing.

The Yamhill County Historical Society in McMinnville, Oregon will be given first print rights to raise funds for the preservation of the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. Going forward all proceeds from the sale of the book will be given to the historical society towards the maintenance of the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery, including mowing, security, and restoration.

I have another project that is still in the research and planning stage. I want to make Crossroads and Tombstones a non-profit to better achieve those goals. As the projects move forward, I will provide more details.

Thank you to those that follow the FB pages and visit us here on the website.

Patricia Saunders

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