Nix Family Cemetery

    The Nix Family Cemetery is located in Columbus, Ga. As a small cemetery in an urban environment, it has been surrounded by development. This cemetery in particular is in danger of being lost forever. It is situated in front of an apartment complex and behind a strip mall. It is not fenced. Fortunately, most people are frightened to even approach this cemetery due to it’s location in a less than inviting neighborhood. We recently asked a company to give an estimate for a fence and he refused to enter the location. I spoke with the caretaker Jeffrey Nix, whose ancestors are interred there and he said that while some might be intimidated by the location, it is not as bad as it seems. Having been there myself a few years ago, I agree with Jeffrey’s observation. 

Regardless of where a cemetery is located, but particularly urban historic or historical burial grounds, their preservation should be a priority within the community as  awhole, as they are most likely to be lost.